December 4, 2008
By Conor McFarland, Vancouver, WA

Heartache leads to anger and I’m told anger is a gift
But if our anger leads to blindness then my ignorance is bliss.
Bodies laid out on the street, their shape chalked out on the floor.
The pain that torments them will plague them forever more.

These promises I cherish are the lies that bind me to this fate
Taking the life raft, don’t look back now I’m drowning in your wake.
The heart left shattered inside me makes me doubt myself,
My confidence and sanity taunt me from upon the highest shelf.

Strength is built from heartache, so are suicidal thoughts.
Falling in a downward spiral I have no chance of being caught.
The saying goes that love is blind, and all is better if you give it time
But I know when I hear these lines, love and pain are of the closest rhyme.

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