My Experience

December 4, 2008
I've gone through many things in my life
But some I haven't gone through just yet
And I hope that those
That I haven't gone through yet
Aren't tragic
Though, I still have many kinds
Of experience
If you need to find a way to get over someone
I'll tell you a way
Although I haven't found a way myself
But I'm still trying on that
If you need to find a way to get ride of your sadness
Well I got a couple things to say
Don't hurt yourself over it
And don't cry
Because crying won't solve anything
What to do at first
Is to think about it
Why aren't you over that one person?
Or why are you sad?
Just think about it for a second
That situation could've been worse
Think on the bright side
If you can't think of a bright side, come to me

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