College Departing

December 4, 2008
By Samantha Seff, Weston, FL

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder,
But I sit there, and I wonder.
If this is as true as some people may find,
Then why do they say, “out of sight, out of mind?”
Clearly, these two views negate one another,
So I just listen to the words of my mother,
“The ones you truly love never leave your heart,
Whether they are near or quite far apart.
Just close your eyes and imagine them there---
Distance can’t undermine how much you care.”
And if in this lifetime, we should meet again,
I would like to thank you, for being my friend.
To those in my childhood whom I moved away from,
I haven’t forgotten you; not anyone.
Because the secrets we shared and memories we made,
Will never disappear, though they may fade.
Now I’m in high school, and it’s my senior year---
We’ll all leave each other, I’m sorry to hear.
And absence will force us to say a goodbye,
I look to the future, but still yet I cry.
College must tear our friendships away,
Why can’t we go back to a time yesterday?
I’m not ready to let go and start all anew,
I wish you were coming along with me too.
But like my mom says we’ll still be together.
Because love defies absence; always and forever.
I wish you good luck in your life up in college;
I hope you gain friendships, facts, and some knowledge.
But never forget the times that we had,
Growing up during the good times and bad.
Despite all the distance between us, you see,
Our friendship will last for eternity.
So footsteps away or miles apart,
Forever you’ll have a place in my heart.

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