valley of fear

December 4, 2008
By sydney ordean, Park City, UT

Walking through the valley of fear there is no sunlight.

There is only the red light coming from the flames in the depths of the crevices.

Searching to find one thing but its hard to know what.

Struggling for air and gasping for breath.

The hot steamy mist starts to slow down my pace and feeling lost and broken. I fall.

Unlike the others who have survived I think I might perish in this terrible world.

A swirling cloud tries to grasp me and take control.

Knowing all it wants is my happiness I get up and stand strong, the sweeping currents try to take me with them but I fight its grip.

Breathing slowly I break through the surface with just barely enough strength to move.

Feeling triumphant I stand up and let the cool air of the world lift me and I feel life coming back through my veins.

I feel the joy and happy coming back through me and I know that I have won the battle in the valley of fear…

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