Thousand Things

December 4, 2008
I've gotten dangerously close to breakdown,
All these years but nothing to show,
Expect weaknesses by the mountains,
A book of enemies and foes,
Oh I don't even try at all,
And I'm drowning in my sleep
And loneliness is just a condition,
A thousand tears I don't have time to weep

I'd say the thousand the things on my mind,
but their all too unsure
I keep that on that constant smile,
because you like it and it shows no remorse
This pretty-cruel world is too beautiful,
but I don't want to be beautiful

I've gathered my belongings and shuffled around,
Wonder how I ended up at your door,
must played some cards right
I wish they would've helped me more
Oh you love me to say such sweet words,
and I love to keep you satisfied
I won't say whats really there
because I know you'll always read it in my eyes

And I don't want to be beautiful

They say I've got looks by the million,
and charm that's deadly
But I don't see either,
I'd say with a few drinks I'm rather friendly
Neediness isn't a good hobby my dear,
but It's got me wounded so tight
because I don't like to sleep alone at night,
So I hold you close with all my might
Don't go

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