We're Dancing

December 3, 2008
By Helen Koo, Los Angeles, CA

The Rain is falling, falling—
It torrents down on us, on you and me;
Can you see it?
It feels cool against my feverish skin,
It feels icy against yours.
I drink it in greedily, letting it drip down my tongue,
The rest trails down my chin, down my eyes.
I turn to stare at you;
You with the streaks of black running down your cheeks,
You with the puffy eyes, tired of crying,
You, who stands awkwardly in your drenched clothes.
We’ve always been this way—
I’ve forgotten and put it behind me,
You’re still crying over the shattered fragments.
I wake up and see the sun,
You refuse to wake up.
The water keeps on running, it doesn’t stop;
The dam is broken, and we can’t stop it anymore.
The rain is washing everything away—
Its washing away our useless emotions,
the color in our cheeks,
the redness of roses,
the memory of you and me; its washing everything away.
I turn towards you, and smile
I reach out with my hand;
Let’s dance in the rain.
Let’s dance away all our fears,
Let’s dance away all our pain.
And then you take my hand,
And smile—for the first time in a very, very long time.
And then we’re dancing in the rain, the two of us.
Forever, even when the rain stops.
We’re dancing in the rain.

The author's comments:
I used to have a friend who would like to dance outside whenever it was raining and she happened to feel sad; a few days ago, while watching it rain, I got inspired to write this piece.

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