Dream is a Dream

December 3, 2008
By Shannon O'Brien, Wilmington, MA

Dreams where black
like a lonely night
Nothing but the un-known.
No stars, or sounds.
Just me and my thoughts.
Filling my mind.

But the black is just blank canvas
that is just waiting
to be filled with colors and sounds
darkness then becomes light
and stars seem brighter than ever.
Sounds are sweeter and just like magic.

Your logic can be filled with holes.
And you don’t have to know all the answers.
Taking you to a place where your inner feelings run wild.
Splatters of color and beliefs.

Dreams are only lasting of the nights.
Where you will be the dreamer
and they will forever be the dream.
But why ruin the dream, by waking.
The dream lasts for the night and only the night.

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