New Days

December 3, 2008
By Leah Walters, Gardnerville, NV

Bright light seeps through her eyelids
Her eyes flutter open like window shades, greatful for the new day.

But she does not move

She lies in bed... to scared to even twitch. The nights events play out before her.

Shadows move on the walls.

Time slowley ticks away...

Morning turns to afternoon
afternoon turns to evening...
she has not moved.

What binds her so?
It is not her inability to move
it is her fear.

To be vulnerable to the world
to be torn down, to be judged...

Her greatest fear.

And she knows that once she leaves
her dreamy state that is what
awaits for her out there.

She has to be strong
she has to face that fear
her breathing quickens
her mind readies itself.

Bright light seeps through her eyelids
her eyes flutter open like window shades...

Frightened for the new day.

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