Hidden smile

December 3, 2008
I cry out of pain but really its pain to cry like its pain to live but really I live for pain just like slitting your wrist is a new thing, because once the blood runs it would dry out sooner then you think because it held your secrets in so long it’s now forever hidden and unknown…................And so she lies down
Obscured under her winter covers
Like a bear buried under its fur.
Wrapped up and quiet as if she’s in
Hibernation, she’s somewhat alone in this queen, body
Straight down in the middle
Stiff as a log this is so incredulous so you decide to walk over.
But when you pull the covers, down
From over head and underneath her chin
You see the tears fall from her eyes out of depression.
Your eyes speculate with collision because you didn’t expect this.
Your body gets numb you get cold and goose bumps form on your arm like pimples,
So unexpected and not wanted
Then all of a sudden everything seems to get louder like the wind.
You can actually hear it pass you,
Then you start to portent is it winter?
Is it snowing?
Is the moon shinning on us?
Or is someone dying piece by piece but we just don’t know it?
She watches you as a million and one tears fall from her eyes,
You start to feel as if you should devote your love to her maybe even your heart.
Scared, not, understanding what she’s crying for
Wanting to wrap her up in the sheets and hold her as if she’s a baby
And sing lullabies so she will fall asleep.
But what's going through your mind is what happen to that smile she once had.
Oh…it’s hidden under the most improbable tears you’ve seen on her face.
Next to her you see a piece of paper it says:” my world is crumbled and so is my life just like a sheet of paper you messed up on, a sheet of paper that hasn’t been recycle yet but has been saved so it can be told as a fiction story, you are the best mistake I ever made.
Being with you is like hell sooner or later I think I'm calling you the devil because I’ve always despite your ways and your name for now would be life.”
When you turn to look at her you see she is walking away, tears still falling from her face like a leaking faucet, when you turn to look at her once again you see she is fading. And so it stays everything in front of her is foggy and the mist continue to take her far into an unknown place...and so you whisper:” I love you and forever more” but she doesn’t turn around like you thought the wind never retrieve the message, this is what we call the beginning of the end her smile would forever be hidden. And so you lay in the spot she once rested and look back at everything that just happen. But she’s looking back at some thing that never existed.

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