December 3, 2008
By jennylyn Siquig, Ewa Beach, HI

As I write i'll sing a song
for the greatest love i've ever known
to my heart, ur the key
i beg of you to never set me free.

I prayed for god,
for a love so true
now i realize he already knew.
in time my prayer was answered
the most wonderfulest man
he blessed me with you

What we share it feels so right
to say I LOVE YOU every night
wonderful moments shared,
precious memories
still tell me you care.

I see your shadow,
as i lay myself to sleep,
Dreams of you "oh so sweet"
in my heart,
i will keep...

Look into my heart my life
tell me,
what do you see?
can you feel the needs
the wants,
as i to be your wife
and you my husband.

Much joy and happiness
you've brought to me...
If I had to live again,
id want to be with you,
my lover, my bestfriend
i'll love you till the end!

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem because...
well i was laying in bed thinking about someone really special and it just made me really think about him and about love.What i have in my life

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