The Controversy of Normality

December 3, 2008
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Being lost to the world,
Never finding the right words,
Never living the right way to be Normal,
Looking in a mirror and,
You can't find your face,
Being alone in a room of a million,
Get in so deep you can't find your life's trace,
Having the normality ache to satisfy,
The burn of society,
So you re-scar a scarred arm cause maybe it'll block out their mental harm,
Re-carve a butchered face cause they criticize the unpainted,
Because your life isn't just the cherry charm,
Not Right in the eyes of the Normal,
You don't own the right clothes,
The right phones,
Left to yourself and your complications,
But they don't understand what it means to be real,
They waste their time being fake,
Stuffing their bras with tissues,
They wind up with the virtues of,
Threats like 'I hate you's and the 'I'll hurt you'.
Why would we be fake and not real?
Endure the mindless and not the talented?
Pretend to understand and not comprehend?
This is a world of controversy that,
bases its focus and energy on the degrading,
The humiliating and the painful.
And they dare to call that Normal.
Teen girls get their respect from torturing,
the innocent and the unexpecting,
And they dare to call that Normal.
But we are the freaks,
because we like the color black,
because we refuse to stoop to the level of the ignorant people,
because we refuse to offer our bodies to boys,
And they dare to call us the Freaks.
Its the controversy of normality that causes the suicides,
Its the controversy of normality that causes depressions,
Its the controversy of normality that makes us the real people you should call,

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