The Slayer and Savior

December 3, 2008
By Amanda Schmidt, New Orleans, LA

She claws from her cage to unleash her rage
Her ominous presence, chilling my heart.
Her jagged claws, ripping my throat
Her thorny tail, stirring my stomach
She takes my form to unleash her storm
My eyes see red with her malicious heat
My hands clench white with her vindictive strength
My face turns black with her sinister snarl
She begins her assault on this unwary dolt
Her thoughts pick my memory to find her ammo
Her glare finds their notice to mark her target
Her lips open the cannon to spew her fire
He opens the door and she is no more
His stare reminds me of whose in charge
His voice inspires me to build my worth
His smile encourages me to leave the fight
He slays my beast, my Prince of peace

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