For You

December 3, 2008
By Nicktorian Bryant, Morehead City, NC

I'll cry for you if you cry for me God cries over us so passionately and it falls down like rain and claims its good people it's well-round people. The true and the beautiful, and you're truly a beauty to the universe and in my eyes you're bigger than life. You uplift me you walk with me neither the front nor the back of me you stand beside me. You and I will be together till we can’t breathe for each other, no sister, no brother, and no mother. She’s the one that made me cold, like my body never had a soul. My heart was already cold.

I had to let my mother go and let my love free to flow into your arms. Others watch out bodies transform into one body followed by a gentle kiss, then a gentle touch. And now to this day I no longer have a crash. I have a lover, with no mother in my life but I felt the love when you stepped in my life. She brought tears to my eyes, we lay together as they dried and I thank you for being my best friend and my girlfriend. You no longer have to cry with me because I’m done crying. The pain left when I left. I’m no longer in her presents but spending my days with you I know that the angels gave me a present.

The author's comments:
I wrote this not only just thinking of my friend but someone how could of been more so i started to write about all the things i would want my girlfriend to be like to be there for me and to protect me and to help me with the pain in the heartache in my life mostly my mother.

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