“Rêves: of ‘the Reign Of the Raining Raucous Rage’”

December 3, 2008
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The clouds opened up-

The clouds opened up and a fierce shower of red sparks came beating down on the world
The clouds parted and an unspeakable clout of conspicuous conceit descended unto the earth.
The clouds sifted apart and there was no protective sphere shielding us from the reign of the raining evils

The clouds broke away from each other exposing the expanse of a sickening blue
The clouds pushed and shoved hurriedly out of each other’s midst to make way-a route for the approaching change.
The heavens and the earth fled away and no home was left to us.
Then, the clouds closed to conceal the clamor and confusion the parting clouds caused

And so- after seeing this I know as well as the next that parting clouds don’t always reveal repressed rays of sunshine.
Parting clouds don’t always expose the promises of hope and the solution to our woes.

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