December 3, 2008
By Nicholas Hébert DIAMOND, Austin, Texas
Nicholas Hébert DIAMOND, Austin, Texas
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Red is the cleansing fire that brackens
The coolness of mild manners
Red is the raging rant of bombarding suspicions
Red is the sonorous statement of a beckoning revelation
Red is the color of wild, demonizing fury
Red is the paralyzing parasite that sponges away your patience
and good graces
and replaces
it with senseless angst

So why then is this a Christmas color

Green is the bewitching haze
That hexes every movement
Every utterance of every word
And every wince at every thought
Uncontrollabled becoming mauled and mangled
By it’s stare
Green is the stone inscripted with the lusts
The envies, and the failures
That entrap us in a torrent of misguided motions
And the inconceived notions
Of the 25th day
Of the twelfth month
Of every drifting year

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