December 3, 2008
By Megan Muchow, Clarence, NY

I can't believe your gone
I'm all by myself, your all I think about
you’re all I see
I can't believe you past
Fade away into black
But when I close my eyes, I see
Its only you and me
I can't believe your gone
It still hasn’t gotten through
Your not next to me
It cant be the truth
Two weeks left, Would have been all done
Would have been out of this place
Been so far gone
But all I want to hear, is your voice
Ringing through my ears
I welcome your touch
To feel your brace
When I am all alone

I can’t stop thinking of you
Our Future together, becoming distant memories
All of our time together is fading like a fairy tale

I can't believe your gone
It still hasn’t gotten through
You not next to me
Please don’t be true
All the people you left behind
all grieving in pain, for that bright light
where are you headed now?
Can you take me with you?
When they look at me, they just don’t see
whom you use to see
Why did you take the shot?
What could have been so wrong?
Is it my entire fault, that now your gone?
What could I have done, to save your life?
Where have you gone?
When they told me what you did
When they told me what they thought happened
I didn’t know what to feel
Started out like a child
Being told that the Easter bunny wasn’t real
Then after that devastating moment
Where the innocence is lost from the eyes
Felt a car hit me from behind
I can't believe your gone
It still hasn’t gotten through
You not next to me
I don’t want it to be true
I'll never see your face
Your going in the ground
Your understanding eyes, wont look up now
Your heartwarming smile, wont warm me up no more
Your saying goodbye
And I feel my heart die
I cant move on, now I hate myself
What the hell went wrong, where am I now
How I want to be with you, did I let you down
I feel like letting go, your all I need
I can't believe your gone
But its starting to get through
You not next to me
I still don’t want it to be true

The author's comments:
Every year our principle tells us that someone is going to die. sadly every year someone did something stupid like driving drunk, overdoesing, or dies in a car crash because they were texting. And then Some people kill them selves. Everyyear he tells us this and no one thinks that it could be them or their friends. Every year they think that they are invincible. I've never really felt the loss of some one. Exspecily someone I saw 5 out of 7 days of the week.

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