Chosen You

December 3, 2008
By Megan Muchow, Clarence, NY

I would have chose you
Wouldn’t hesitate a second
I would do anything for you
I just want to tell you how much I care for you
Want to tell you destiny doesn’t deserve you
The lights go out tonight
Once I found out the truth, there was never going to be you and me
I was so blind sighted as to what you really saw and felt
The wind was knocked out of me; the night I found there was someone else
Some one you said was always there for you
Some one you would trust with your life
I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I bottle up my sadness
Put a cover over my tears, so how do I hold on?
When all I want to do is let go
So I stay awake all night
Staring out at the sky
And I try to think of how to make it clear
To tell you how I truly felt about you
So I write a speech in my head and then I cross it all out
Start it all over again
And I want to take these words and scream out load
I don’t know where to begin, the worlds moving to fast
And I’m in love with you but you don’t care or see
And my heart is bleeding
And I keep on waiting
And I keep on watching
My heart’s being torn into peaces
As it falls into piles on the floor

The author's comments:
I would like to think that everyone gose through it, if not most at least some. So I'm not the only one who has ever felt like this. He was my best friend and I thought our friend ship was strong. I liked him for years and he never saw it. I watched him go through girl after girl, always proclaming love for them. But never me. He was a year older then me so when he graduated, which wouldnt have been done with out me and the others who cared about him, I thought then maybe it would work. But it never did. He said that he was going to join the navy, belive me we were all suprised. Then after graduation there was nothing. Not a retured phone call, text nothing. Years of likign him more then a friend, and hours of him talkign and me always listeing thats what I got. Nothing. I dont know if he was ever shiped out or followed through with the navy but i have resently heard that he has a new girlfriend that he is once again madly inlove with.

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