Chosen You

December 3, 2008
I would have chose you
Wouldn’t hesitate a second
I would do anything for you
I just want to tell you how much I care for you
Want to tell you destiny doesn’t deserve you
The lights go out tonight
Once I found out the truth, there was never going to be you and me
I was so blind sighted as to what you really saw and felt
The wind was knocked out of me; the night I found there was someone else
Some one you said was always there for you
Some one you would trust with your life
I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I bottle up my sadness
Put a cover over my tears, so how do I hold on?
When all I want to do is let go
So I stay awake all night
Staring out at the sky
And I try to think of how to make it clear
To tell you how I truly felt about you
So I write a speech in my head and then I cross it all out
Start it all over again
And I want to take these words and scream out load
I don’t know where to begin, the worlds moving to fast
And I’m in love with you but you don’t care or see
And my heart is bleeding
And I keep on waiting
And I keep on watching
My heart’s being torn into peaces
As it falls into piles on the floor

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