Midnight Rain

December 3, 2008
By Veronica Valery, Denver, NC

Remember the paralyzed silence?
When darkness swirled around the world.
Making everything still.

Stars were the only light
that covered the shadows
in a most alive manner.

But in the sky,
a figured mourned the light.
It wasn't dark,
or bellowing,
but a curse.

A curse....
That spilled out its anger,
but mostly despairity.
Having clouds obscure its feelings of misery.

But the curse was lonely and forgotten
when disfigured shadows
glazed upon the hollow midnight.
Having death be the light
through the peacful sorrow.

Yet during this time,
it broke down and cried,
and became the midnight rain.

The author's comments:
This was one of my favorite pieces of writing. I feel that it shows off emotions that we might have felt in the past or present. I hope that readers will understand the concept of this poem. It's not just about despairity, or anger, or saddness, but life.

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