Sleepless Reply

December 4, 2008
By Patrick Pavesi, South Salem, NY

I plea and beg as you walk away.
You never heard my call.
And as I turn away from you, the rain begins to fall.
You shattered it. A Hope, a Dream.
My despair was in the clouds.
That was the day you moved away.
I couldn’t remember until now.

Years passed, they flew right by.
And then a sudden call.
From the girl who moved away from me.
We hadn’t spoke since we were small.
She asks “can you help me?” worry laced her voice.
“I’ll be right there” I said. I had no other choice.
She was stranded in the wilderness, a town without a name.
She was left within the shadows grasp, she needed to be saved.
I drove across the states, with a car that wasn’t mine.
To find a friend I cared about, I prayed she was alright.

Finally I arrived, in that god forsaken place.
She was lying on the sidewalk, with tears streaming down her face.
“He left me here” she cried. As she got into the car.
I learned they had broken up, and didn’t get very far.
“It’s okay, I’ll get you home” was what I finally said.
The sun was breaching the darkened sky, and inside I felt dead.

She told me what had happened.
We spoke about the past.
I realized how much I missed her.
And I wished she could come back.
“I owe you one” she said softly.
As she left the car.

Just like that, she was gone again.
The phantom of my life.
A forgotten love had disappeared.
Into the last moment of night.

We saw each other again.
Two years after that.
She suddenly walked back into my life.
We decided to christen that.
We spent the afternoon together.
Old fire was rekindled.
Emotions pure and deep awoke.
And at first I was afraid.

Somehow she saw it in my eyes.
With a smile she seemed to know.
That autumn day our friendship changed.
I remember that night it snowed.

We shared a passion for each other.
Strong through all those years.
Our lips met, for the first time and I was cleansed of fear.
All at once I understood, the feelings that we had.
Something I thought impossible.
A love we shouldn't have.

That night we were closer then we had ever been before.
But the next morning you had to leave.

We decided, that we couldn’t be “together”.
I think it was for the best.
She said “I couldn’t bear to lose you”
I said “you never will”

And with that final kiss she left again.
I haven’t seen her since.
She called me up yesterday.
To ask me “how have you been?”

I said, “I’ve been well… but I miss you like hell”
Maybe it was the wrong thing to say
At the moment I didn’t know.

Moments passed, and silence grew.
And with a whisper she said, “I miss you too”

While writing some of this, I actually shed a tear.
The memories are delicate, and some I hold so dear.
So now you know my story, about this girl I know.
Her name’s Claire and I miss her, more the she’ll ever know.

The author's comments:
I love to write, especially when the inspiration is given right to me. This was the result to talking to a good friend of mine and her quoting a Jack's Mannequin song. We were talking and she told me that she never knew if I missed her. She said,"give me something to trust"(a line from Jack's Mannequin's song Hammers and Strings).

So I wrote a poem about what we've shared together. This was done at about 3am-4am this morning, and I give it to her as a birthday present.

I hope you enjoy reading it. This is one of the most emotional pieces i've ever written.

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