The Wonders Of Why

December 3, 2008
As time goes by i wonder why,
why i forget a lot of things,
how birds know how to sing,
and why girls like shiny things,
why people cry a lot,
even when their happy,
why people have fake smiles,
and will do whatever to get what they want,
if that means lie's and hurting you,
sometimes people think thats what they have to do,
why you play sad songs when your crying,
or sometimes you feel like your dying,
the joy and happiness you feel,
why do we get this way,
how come the colors we see aren't real,
and they sky's not really blue,
everything is sometimes confusing,
but sometimes those things are amusing,
never thought id like hot dogs,
but i guess i like them cold,
its pretty funny how things work out,
you never know what's coming next,
next thing you know your lost in time,
sometimes you feel like you wanna cry,
in life you never know what you'll find,
a lump a rock? maybe a shoe,
all i can advise is just be YOU.

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Liz said...
Dec. 10, 2008 at 5:46 pm
I like this a lot...the way you displayed your thoughts was amazing! :)
keep writing
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