December 3, 2008
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It Is lost In the gloom of dust and ages (Maya Angelou, on the pulse of morning, 1993).
Is where what you seek stands, wilting.
You turn back those long forgotten pages.
The next is what you seek
The next is what you have.
You seek nothing but your past, but you are living aren’t you?
Living, breathing just like…
Age 5…
Same mind
Same eyes
Same you.
Nothing has changed except what you seek.
The past
It has changed, by leaving you letting you go on. Your past is giving you a chance to live. The past has changed only because it is gone. Never again will you be in what you look for, it is lost in the gloom of dust and ages (Maya Angelou, on the pulse of morning, 1993).
Why? Why do you waste your time wilting away.
Waiting…hoping for something gone
You need to grasp that last breath. Live. Don’t hope
Hope is,
Something you want
Living is something you do.
So don’t want it, do it
Hope is like dreaming… they say it is what everyone must do to live
But if you dream your life, you won’t have any time to live it to make that dream nothing more, nothing less than a reality.
A dream is fake. Living is real.
Don’t dream, dreaming is for your bed, your couch, your cradle.
It’s time to live
So leave that corner in which you sulk. Live in that corner of the world you love.
Don’t get lost
Don’t hope
And leave dreaming for your cradle
Don’t live your past

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