December 3, 2008
We thought about the latest macbook.
We thought about the coolest look.
We thought about our place in the throng
We thought about the latest pop song
But did we ever wonder who the boy in the corner was?
The no one we tuned out as mindless buzz
Did we pay attention to the tee-shirt
Or did we see the boy who might look like dirt
But only because we thought of him that way.
Shall we repeat past mistakes of history?
Ignore the weak and let them remain a mystery?

That little no one might be a someone,

But in this fast paced, technology based hacker traced world,
We see the tee-shirt, not the person.
We need to slow down and take the risk to see
If that little mask could forgive us for this travesty?
Could we break free from our twisted society?
We’re held in check by fear and anxiety
This popular world cannot last,
It’s going down the toilet fast
Manipulating media, Wikipedia, Telemedia, corporate corruption,
It’s all going up in one big eruption
We’ll still be here but our society won’t
Is it too much to ask to speak for those who don’t?

Is it too much to demand?

To reach out your helping hand

Do it of your own free will ‘cuz it really matters

When the twisted mirror of society shatters

And the glasses of innocence you’ve been wearing

And now we’ll see if you have the daring

To look through the veils and webs of lies

And look now into the thoughts of the boy’s eyes

Who knows? Maybe he has an idea to rebuild the world

He must have thought something while he was in the corner curled
But maybe it’s resentment
For our complacent treatment
Can we break the mold?
Will we break its hold?

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xGothGirlx said...
Dec. 10, 2008 at 11:25 pm
heh, wow...I really liked this one.

You have such a blunt yet truthful view on the world.
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