Emotional Deception

December 2, 2008
By megan robinson, Covington, OH

Anger fear and pain all welling behind her mystical green eyes.
She chokes back the tears,
And smiles for her mother’s sake.
She tries to joke about it all..
When really she’s about to snap.
So many secrets lay hidden.
So many uncried tears choked back.
Is it mystery or misery layin behind those pools of green?
Sleepless nights and explosive fights.
Deadly anger and uncontrollable doubt.
They say her every emotion is portrayed by her eyes.
If that’s so then do they see what she’s feeling?
Can they see the fear and anguish,
Or the river of tears that has yet to break,
It could be in hours, or days, not even she can predict the breaking point.
When all of this will become to much for her to handle.
Right now she seems so strong,
So unbreakable.
But really she’s at her weakest.
She’s just learned how to perfectly hide it from all the prying eyes.

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devin1285 said...
on Jan. 14 2009 at 11:54 pm
this is an amazing poem :)

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