song of sin

December 2, 2008
There I lay reposing on the couch,
Dreaming and feeling in its dark leather pouch,
An ethereal silence about,
No one to scream,
And no one to pout,

Everything seemed fine,
Stress seemed to consign,
The angels about,
Sweetly benign,

As I bemused and perused,
Through the pages of my mind,

Suddenly! Unexpectedly!
I found myself at some promontory,
Stabbing and cutting into a deep dark sea,

Far from my Elysium,
Now at this mare tenebrarum,
My surroundings sensing my alarum,
And I alone waiting my doom,

Far in the distant mist Azrael announced,
His emergence,
With his wistful and dismal effulgence,

I wait and wait as he nears,
The situation germinating,
Tears and fears,

All the while the azure sky eats from its golden plate!
Of fruits and roots,
Picked from heaven’s divine basket,
As Apollo leaves the day to night,
In his mighty casket!

Still I stand waiting for deaths hand,
To command me to the river of fire,
My hopes and dreams now dire,

Alas!! Azrael arrives now in his acrid appearance,
Ready and haughty to read me my sentence,
With his alarming potency and patience,

As I prepare to hearken,
To my judgment,
My heart begins to darken,

Succumb young man to your ill fortune,
Please do not implore,
Cries of mercy I’ve heard before!
Whether your words are mellifluous,
Or lifeless,
Whether you are sinful,
Or sinless,
Your heart is worthless,

In awe I was still on the promontory,
Azrael like the dying leaf floating before me,
Singing his violet song,
While the waves below us helped the melody move along,

O’ angel of death pardon my din,
But where doth lie my sin?

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