First Day

December 2, 2008
Was it the first or second day?
I can’t really remember
If I knew what was to come
I never would have gone

My mom was pleading
“Come on Zach, it’ll be fun”
But I had a feeling it would be no such thing

I stopped in the door way
For every step I took forward I would take three back
I saw the teacher then
She was a scary sight
Like a monster in a horror movie

I looked around
There were other kids
I wasn’t alone!
In this barren wasteland of learning
I wasn’t alone!

A flood of anxiety drowned this brief glimmer of hope
My mother was leaving, heading for the door
What? Why would she be leaving me?
In the darkest hour of my life, my mother was leaving me?

I bolted to the door as fast as my 5-year-old legs would permit
A sigh complimented a moan from my mother as she realized she was not yet free
“Honey, it’ll be fine, I’ll be back soon”
Cries came before words

I don’t know how, but she got me to let go
I looked around, searching for a refuge
Under a bench, of course!

Kids stare, of course
But what did I care, if I had my way I would never see them again
Both the monster teacher and my mom try to lull me out

And at this point, I really don’t remember
I must have stayed, because that place became my second home for nine years
And a good nine years it was

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