My Persona

December 2, 2008
By Ahmed Lipscomb Jr., Detroit, MI

I am the transformation, changing my form unconsciously to satisfy the bizarre.
Look at me now, then just blink and I have changed again.
I caught you watching, checking me out.
The versatility of my dimensions has got you tripping.
You don’t know whether to stare or go on to the next
I am something like a chameleon changing my look to suit my environment.
Check my swagger, it is definitely like no other.
I am never about fashion.
With me its always about style.
The way I talk, walk, cut my hair, the clothes I buy, down to the shoes on my feet.
I am the personification of freedom.
I am the wind whispering softly by your ear.
I am the sun beaming down on you giving you life.
I am the rain washing away your sadness.
I am a transformer changing you and changing me, just sit back and watch it happen.
There is perfection within all my flaws.
I am mythical, logical, and irrational all at once.
I am fantastic, challenging you to dream and look beyond the gloominess.
I am life.
I am love.
I am nobody, but me.

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