Pinocchio Story

December 2, 2008
By Ahmed Lipscomb Jr., Detroit, MI

So many people see so much truth in him, yet all he sees is lies
So many people look up to him and all he can ask is why
Although everything looks perfect on the outside, that's the least of his problems
Although he knows he cant stop the people from talking, he goes through hell trying to stop them
As the days go on he smiles so much that no one would ever think something is wrong
As the bell rings at the end of the day he goes home drained wondering why is each day so long
Trying so hard to grasp for someone's attention
Trying so diligently to escape that room that is one demension
He tries so hard to keep the thoughts that's in his head from showing
Yet as he writes this poem he's letting it all out without knowing

This is the story of real life Pinocchio... He keeps everything bottled up and just cant bare to let anyone in. Why? Because the ones he has let in has been so hurtful. But that's the least of his problems. He must keep up his image of the clothes, the money, the shoes, ect., but doing all this he's only hurting himself. He needs someone to help him, even if wont take just try your hardest to do whatever you can. All he asks is to be a "Real Boy"!

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