Day By Day

December 2, 2008
By Sheldon Reichert, Graham, WA

I wake to silence,In my room i gather myself for the day,Calmly gathering myself with the thought of friends greeting me at school,
It is all that gets me up.
Hiding behind my jokes i hide my insecurities with words, determined to make the day tolerable.

When night comes i am full of life,chained down by my schedule i lay in my bed,forced to sleep because of the authority that is the school. it is uncomfortable to sleep,so full of life and energy, tired is the last thing i feel as i drift off into the endless tunnels of my imagination.

Blood pumps like fuel to the soul,full attention on the screen, i waist my life in this place of violence, it brings temporary relief to anything bad, it feels good, my mind races with the small rush i get from success

The author's comments:
this is a expression of how i feel about the things i do on a dayly basis

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