Tired of

December 2, 2008
I am tired of the players and heart breakers
I am sick of fakers making girls cry
I am starting to hate the losers that make some girls almost want to die
Why does it seems the ones who make us girls cry always seem to be guys?
I am sorry that we can fall too fast hoping it will last
But that doesn't give you the right to let us fall and destroy it all
Yes we might hope for too much but all we really want is a guys special touch
I do not get why guys think girls are hard to explain when really it's easy, we just hate pain
When a girl tells you she likes you only tell the truth instead of just telling us what we want you to say
We rather have it that way so we don't get hurt further along
Don't you guys see how easy a relationship can be?
There is no need for heart breaks and lies because in the end the girl cries
Also I am sorry for guys who read this and are the opposite I just wanted to say what is on my mind
Time after time I thought I had a good one but then once I fell I got broken
All a girl really needs is a guy who will be there when they are needed there
No more heart breakers and players
No more fakers who make girls cry
No more losers who make some girls want to die
For now on I beg you guys to stay true
And not to mess with a girl's mind because it is very unkind

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team edward said...
Dec. 12, 2008 at 12:54 am
wow... you have truly inspired me by this poem. i can sooooo relate. thank you for writing this. it made me feel like im not the only one. thank you!
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