December 2, 2008
Why do you frown Milady?
For you are good and strong,
Wise and kind and beautiful,
Your nation fierce and proud.
The people thrive with happiness,
And children fill the streets.
So why do you frown Milady? Why?

Said Milady with hesitation, tired and weary,
The day is old and so am I and
I fear this Cage you put me in,
Where I am helpless and weak,
Forced watch and know all,
As others take my place
And all that I hold dear.

A strong person,
Knows their weakness
And sees all,
Before speaking truth,
They rule like a mother,
With a kind iron fist,
Though her Rath,
Is matched by none.

A strong person,
Knows they will fall,
And does all to enjoy what they can,
But does not try to stop the inevitable,
For it will come to pass.

Yet, I fear the assassin lurking,
In the corner round’ the bend,
Ready to pounce,
To come,
As I lay me down to sleep.

All will rise,
and all will fall,
and all will fear this day to call.
I welcome this with embracing arms,
For the day is old,
And so am I,
Said Milady from the Cage.

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