December 2, 2008
By Adriane Hines, Richmond, VA

I dare you to think for yourself
And not think something because everyone else does

I dare you to believe in yourself
And not let others tear you down

I dare you to stand by your dreams
And not let someone else crush them

I dare you to believe that you are special
And not let anyone else tell you differently

I dare you to stand up for something you believe in
And not back down because others criticize you

I dare you take control of YOUR life
And not let someone else do it for you

I dare you to grow up
And take responsibility

I dare you to not be ashamed to stand up to your friends
And tell them that you live above the influence or about your religion

I dare you to do something

I dare you to help a cause
Because it tugs at your heart and not for glory or fame

I dare you to push forward and test yourself
Even on days where you want to pack up and run away

I dare you to find out who you are
And not be afraid to show it to the world

I dare you to learn not to compete with others
because no one else is in the contest of "being you"

I dare you to believe, and to trust
To care, to love, and to try

Your hopes, your dreams
Your faith and your future

It all lies upon you
So believe in yourself and use your head
And soon enough you'll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down

The author's comments:
This was written for the school paper called Scroll. The theme this year is Dare. So this is what I entered. My main focus was to go a point across to inspire my fellow high school students. I think that we all should push ourselves to our full potential!

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