December 2, 2008
By Courtney Miller, Toledo, OH

As I sit there silently on the floor
Anguish and sadness rips its way through my body
Her eyes so deep, full of sadness and pain
Tear up my already mangled heart

I watch as she yells and screams and cries
Tears fall down my face and onto the floor
Her body starts to shake as she sobs
The only thing I can do is watch and pray

My hand searches for her hand
Trying to give her the most comfort I can possibly give
When they meet, what I see brings fresh tears to my eyes
Her arm, the cuts, the pain.....

My head bows low as I choke out a sob
My left hand covers my face
Tears seep through my fingers as I cry out to God
"Please help her.. please, please help her"

My body shakes with the deepness of the pain I am feeling
The pain I know she is feeling, our shared anguish
"Please," I beg to God, "Please...."
"Please just give me all of her pain."

My hand tightens a little as I whisper
"Its going to be okay... its all going to be okay.. shhh,"
Her body tenses and begins to shake more
My sobs become louder, tears stream down my face

I gaze through my tears at the girl laying there
The girl that I love like a sister, my little friend, who I care for so much,
Shaking and crying, in pain and anguish
And I make a vow to her, myself, and God

I vow to help this girl, only friends, but family by heart
I vow to make her life better, any way I can
Ill do whatever it takes to turn everything around
Whatever it takes to bring her happiness once again

The author's comments:
This poem is what really happened between me and one of my best friends. We'll call her "Melissa" . Melissa was going through a really tough time with her father. He always yelled at her and her friends. She blames everything on herself... and that night she just broke down. She is like a sister to me, and it hurt me so bad to see her like that. I didnt really know what was going through my mind, all I remember is wanting so badly to take her pain away. It was much easier to write what I really felt into this poem.

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