December 2, 2008
She stares in a mirror
looks at the reflection
and glares at the monster she sees

she wants to know what she did to make God so angry that he gave her this face so hideous she cries

She screams, inside and out when no ones around
She hides how she feels and tears at her face cries heaven bound

she pretends to be strong and makes up a faquade so no one can break through her strong tall barricade

she had no self confidence, none indeed
so she hides inside, buried deep below the surface masking herself makes everyone believe

And yet she still hope, wishes someone would see through bu so far no onehas so she sits here alone trying not to hive up making scars new

she's waiting for the one her prince in shining armour

the one who will break through, climb over, or dig under her barricade to rescue her from herself hatred
than once more she looks in the mirror, and remembers what she looks like, and glares at the monster she sees, knowing no one would ever love a monster like her

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Brooke♥ said...
Mar. 3, 2010 at 1:55 pm
this poem was really good
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