First Dance Performance

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The wait for my turn, my heart pounds
enough to make me go crazy,
my body shakes
my nerves jump,
butterflies flutter around my stomach
loud music suddenly fades with ease, the audience roars.
My brain goes blank
darkness turns bright from hot lights
music begins, it all comes back,
joy hits me hard.
Performing was amazing
but hard to explain
the feeling floating down, down stage
air flying through my hair
as I circle around,
unfamiliar faces of the audience
consist of smiles
something touches their souls.
I realize dancing is a gift
that touches people,
meant to be shared.

The author's comments:
This piece is about the first time i ever performed on stage as a dance. I started dancing at the age of nine or ten. I have been dancing for six to seven years now. I cannot imagine my life without dancing because it is such a big part of my life.

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