The Rain Dance

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous


The sun on my face
Drove this small girl crazy;
But I went to an open space:
And began to sway like a daisy.

Not one small drop
Fell from the clear blue sky;
My head began to bop,
I wished that I could fly.

My little sister’s voice
Was singing sweet and clear;
The rain didn’t have a choice
It needed to be near.

What else was there to do
To make the rain fall down,
I kept dancing for a few
Then my smile became a frown.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece as a memory poem for my language arts class. It is about my little sister and I when we were younger. It was a very hot, sunny summer day, and we really wanted it to rain. We put on our bathing suits and went outside to do a rain dance. My sister, who was probably three or four, stood in the middle of the lawn and sang a song she made up while I, who was about six or seven, did a sort of interpretive dance around her. Needless to say it did not rain and we were very upset.

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