Waking Up on Christmas

December 2, 2008
By Liz Chiocco, Media, PA

Christmas morning, four years old,
I am awakened by the overwhelming thrill.
I see an array or green, red, and gold,
Large boxes, small boxes, it all sends me chills.

I dash to my parents’ room to wake them up.
Santa has come, and I can hardly wait
To see what he has left, maybe a new pup?
Today, just like all Christmases, will feel absolutely great.

As a four year old, Christmas is a time that warms my heart joy.
Everything you could want, wrapped up into one day,
Gifts, hot cocoa, snow and new toys.
I had behaved all year so Santa would come my way.

But also, for me, Christmas was a time for family.
My dad

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