childhood memory

December 2, 2008
By Sarah Isherwood, Media, PA

From young till now we both play
Two children always excited to be near each other
Tasting the Oreos tickled our tummy’s
Joyful with all the time we had to spare
Grabbing penny’s for the fruity gumballs
Begging our fathers always for more
Climbing in the dryers is what we did best
Hearing it crash we were worried and frightened
Blaming it on the little sister , with fulfillment in the voice
Convincing her father it wasn’t us
Putting a movie in the VCR
Waiting to press play
Trying hard not to laugh
Courtney was getting yelled at
Singing along with the movie
Dancing to its beats
Ecstatic the movie was over
And we were trouble free
Running back to the basement
To start some trouble of our own

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