step inside a kings shoes for a day

December 2, 2008
By jimmy robinette, Boise, ID

A day as king would go right or horribly wrong for thou is no powerful writhing and can use his power of fright and stay up at night, keep your pride as king for a day as your responsibility too keep from harm for make sure there is no sound alarm . As rich as you are and wealthy as you may, don’t forget this only for a day. Feed the poor and help the young , take care of the old and make sure things get sold warm the cold make the law be told for as a king for a day you are all that is righteous . Be careful of your actions for as you look at the kingdom their through window and look and see all evil has prevails for as king for a day you have failed. you are all that stands for hope and graceor else to them you are just another face. being fo a day is hard but do not ever forget who you are.

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