December 2, 2008
By Keithni Woodside, McDonough, GA

I look around the class, with those sad little eyes
While everyone's talking, barely knowing I'm alive
I yearn for a word, but it stops in its track
Like a cancer in my throat that constantly attacks

A wave in the hallway, a smile on my face
When I'm all alone, everything is erased
The walls begin to close; I'm the 'odd' one out
I'm trapped in a prison, full of self doubt

My legs start to shiver, my mouth begins to quake
Words start to stumble as my heart begins to ache
It's crying deep inside because I can't find a friend
What is there to life, when all you do is pretend?

It's easy to get embarrassed, when you slip or fall
Always feeling like you’re watched, when no one looks at you at all
I sing and dance, to make everyone pleased
Just to be in the spotlight, because I never feel at ease

I try to show emotion, but it never seems to flow
One day…maybe one day, my personality will glow
I carry a disease, that's barely known to man
Who says it's a phase, when I can't even stand

They say "always speak your opinion," never shed a tear
But who can speak their opinion, when no one’s there to hear?
I moan and I groan, when I wonder why I'm strange
It's because my social life as a teenager, is completely disengaged

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to show how i feel as a shy individual everyday. I just want everyone to not separate themselves from someone just because they're socially akward. meet new friends and show a person that their wanted.

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Miamooooo! said...
on Dec. 11 2008 at 7:38 pm
My heart jsut, seriously, that was amazing. I have never read a poem like this before....ohhhhhhhhhh wooooooooooow!

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