Just Jump

December 2, 2008
By Amanda Swint, McDonough, GA

We watch our lives go by, as we live a simple lie. Secrets buried in the truth, soon uncovered by our youth. From those who have come and past, to those we think of last, we cast them aside never intending to let them inside, never to let them see the one we aspire to be.

By hiding how we feel, pretending it’s not real, we run and hide from the darkness with shame only causing ourselves more pain. If only we could see and understand, and embrace a helping hand.

Freeing us from the dark of which we fear wiping away all our tears. What once was a fall from grace, has now become a leap of faith.

As you fall, close your eyes and forget about it all, all your worries, your heartaches, and breaks, just live your life for you. After all you’re the only one who can make even your wildest dreams come true.

When you finally open your eyes you will be surprised to find who is there to break your fall, and who has been there through it all. They stuck by your side through this roller coaster ride. They are still the same, only you have changed.

Allow yourself to be the one you aspired to be, don’t hold back in fear, but turn to those who are near. Look to them for the strength you seek, they will ensure you never grow weak, so embrace those close to you, something only so few do.

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