December 1, 2008
By Katherine Morgenegg, Falls Church, VA

Baby feet and spit bubbles
Cute smiles and pudgy fingers.
You’re the next generation
The worlds a spinnin’
In your little hands.
Bright eyed, and bald
You smile at what you behold,
That silly little world,
That spins for you.
Your little feet will walk its
Worn trails, no need for new ones
There won’t be space.
‘Cause one plus one no longer
Equals two, but rather
3, 4
Oh lord, here comes 5.
There ain’t no stoppin’ love,
It no longer goes round,
But rather climbs up, up, up,
6 billion hearts a ‘beatin,
No stoppin’ those reaching pudgy hands.
So precious little one,
You can’t count this one on your fingers,
Even if you use your baby toes.
Just blow your spit bubbles
And watch them explode!

The author's comments:
After seeing a documentry on over population I was inspired by a woman with a heavy southern accent who had five children. She was interviewed on this movie and struck me as this ultra nurturing woman and I felt that the topic and individual deserved a bit of recognition.

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