December 1, 2008
By Cristal Perez, Los Angeles, CA

Sits, staring anonymously,
hands unkept, looking down.
Wanting someone, probably me.
Scared to know the truth of true love.
Into the clouds go his thoughts.
Quite, least I expected. To himself
lost in his private, beautiful thoughts.
I look at his lovely face as it fills with query, thought and more thought.
Unable to stop the shine that fills my
uncontollable smile, as it shines just for him. So lost in thought, not noticing my wandering eyes.
A kiss upon my cheek lights up the room when the cheeks bleed with passion.
What more can I do, but look, with my curious eyes. Just me, daydreaming.
Wanting to grab your eyes to meet mine.

The author's comments:
Haha. I was bored in class and saw this new guy. I thought he was cute, so I used him as my inspiration...=]

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