I Am From

December 1, 2008
By Kirsten Prost, Nashotah, WI

I am from long winters,
Sledding down hills,
To hot summers,
Running through the sprinkler.

I am from living in the fast lane,
Frozen dinners and pizza,
“Gotta go, but it was nice to meet ya.”
No rest is where I’m from.

I am from Hecker and Prost.
Always together,
From the sunny beaches of Mexico,
To the traditional Christmases in

I am from frozen feet and numb hands,
Flying down the mountains,
Wind whistling in my ears,
Out of control fun,
Falling down and getting up,
Aspen, Breckenridge and Steamboat.

I am from dreams of success.
Doing something meaningful,
Helping the world,
One person at a time.

I am from drowning in ecstasy,
Struggling to beat the pain of defeat.
Sore muscles and red eyes,
Long weekends battling it out with the clock.

I can do anything I want.
The world is my playground.
I will win; I will be the best.
No one can stop me.
Believing in myself is where I’m from.

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