Feeking Blue?

December 1, 2008
By Elisia Zapata, Dallas, TX

everyone's life seems to suck at this moment.
its hard to go through life living a lie
thinking everything is totally ok
then getting home knowing nothing isn't it was it was
friends dying, people crying, dreams crushed, hearts broken
the world is quite violent.
it seems like the only reason people are living for now.
is love.
with love anything is possible.
love takes away all sadness, all worries, all sorrow.
love is something you cant describe.
its like the wind. its there but you cant see it but
you can sure feel it.
people get hurt by the one that they loved.
or once loved.
love can be a temporary or infinite thing.
you chose that on your part.
guys and girls both cheat.
but if you guys really love each other
then you need to fight through everything.
you don't wanna lose a relationship.
your probably always fusing and fighting
but its your choice to make it though
to take each other back
no matter what.
yes life does suck at point
but push through the sadness and see the light
at the end of the tunnel.
no matter what people do, what people say,
focus on what really matters.
work it out.
Don't let anything get to you
count on God, love, your friends, and just family
to back you up. Focus on what you
truly want.
do as your told and a lot will come in the end

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