The Play that is Life

December 1, 2008
By Drew Schmidt, McDonough, GA

The show begins, the curtain rises, and everyone poses for the audience to see. They immediately pick out the prettiest, the ugliest, the loudest, the shiest, the most awkward, the most sociable, and the funniest. Within seconds of the show starting all these judgments are made before any glimpse of their real character is revealed. Then they settle down; whispering, laughing, watching. All of them are watching, waiting. The actors’ fall into their parts, shedding what ever feelings or emotions that may have been occurring inside them, and attempt to completely immerse themselves in their role. The actors laugh, talk, scream, dance, cry, mourn, and fight on stage; for everyone to see. An actor trips accidentally and breaks character for a split second. The audience laughs, whispers, and makes more judgments. He quietly slips of stage, ashamed. Later that day he will resign from the play, permanently. The audience won’t notice though, nor do they care, so the play continues.
In this play there is no true villain and no true hero for each player is presented with the choice sometime in this magnificent script. It is left to the audience to decide. Of course the richest of the actors is because money is corrupt, is it not? The poor are villains too for they are too lazy to be rich. The kind are judged to be evil to on the assumption that people are kind only until it isn’t beneficial to themselves anymore. The selfish are condoned because it is only human nature. The con man gets away with being a hero because his web of lies makes his audience feel secure. The play continues, scene after scene, act after act. Actors become audience members and audience members reveal themselves as actors. There are plot twists and surprises, tragedies and comedies, and the play continues….
Through all of these transactions and transformations several questions arise… when you arrived at the play house did you enter as an actor or simply a spectator. What character did you put on today for the world? Did you slither into a familiar character to please the crowd or were you different and willing to send whispers through your audience? The final question becomes when does the play become real for you?

Life can be a masquerade sometimes, full of characters and faces.

Be one less mask and express yourself in imaginative and interesting ways.

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