December 1, 2008
He talks about her,
I listen,
I hide my feelings as I walk away.

But what are these feelings?

Pain in my heart,
anger building up.
Curiosity in my mind,
so many questions.
Weakness in my arms and legs,
I can't move.
Sadness on my face,
tears flowing down.

But what are these feelings?

Why is there anger?
you're mad because he chose her.
Why are there so many questions?
you're asking why isn't it you.
Why can't I move?
you want him to come to you.
Why are there tears?
you're sad his not yours anymore.

What is this hurtful feeling?
Why can't I just forget?
Why can't I just move forward already?!

It's called jealously,

you can't forget or you won't love,
you can't move forward,
because you love him.

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