Black Night

December 1, 2008
By chelsea schexnayder, Metairie, LA

Everywhere I go, darkness surrounds me
Out the window, in my house, black is all I see
A quick flash of light brightens the room
My nerves are on the edge as I hear a big boom
The pounding on the roof mimics the beating in my chest
Tonight, it will be impossible for my mind to rest
The gushing wind, my rushing blood
Praying and hoping my house will not flood
My candle of courage, barely burning bright
Is suddenly blown out by the cold, winter night
I shudder, I stutter, my mind starts to race
The wind and glass attack my smooth face
I feel a tender force hold me tight
My legs rush me out and the candle regains light
Darkness is vanquished, the pounding comes to a stop
The light has conquered with a strong flame atop

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