December 1, 2008
My mind is like stars forming a constilation,
and im just sitting here,waiting,
trying to be patient.
But no one notices my shine,
cause i know im not the north star,
but im also not that far.
I'm close, almost there,
skimming orians belt only by a hair,
but I made it through,
thinking where i came from,
knowing that i can't undo,
But isn't that what we all go through?
im swimming through the sky,
like micheal phelps,
just another lonely star,
looking for some help.
But i just don't fall into orbit,
im light years away no number in digit.
I have'nt been discovered yet,
i have one goal and i won't forget,
be apart of the milky way,
group of stars together not thinking bout the next day.
I'm leaving now but my mind stays ajar,
No matter what they say,
I am still a star.

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