Christmas Cheer

December 1, 2008
Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer
Is pure and dear
The time of giving
A time worth living
While bustling around with boxes and string
Passing carolers as they sing
Decorating the Christmas tree with lots of lights
Treasuring family faces so bright
Baking cookies for Santa to eat
And tasting many other sweet treats
Going to sleep thinking of sugar plum fairies
And waking up to snowflakes, light and airy
Flying down the stairs to see what Santa brought
Comparing the presents you each got
Hours and hours of endless joy
As you discover each new toy
Before you know it it’s time for dinner
Not good if you want to be thinner
Lots of wonderful things to eat
That family recipe just cannot be beat
After the main course it’s time for dessert
Eating so much it hurts
The eating is done as you settle by the fire
And think it is time to retire
You slouch off to bed with nothing fear
Thank goodness for Christmas cheer

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