Hunger of the Soul

December 1, 2008
Time and time
We try and try
Love, hate, loneliness
Bitter, sweet taste
Not enough to feed the soul

Beauty and pleasure
Images of the brain
Thinking that we are going insane
Sweet music to the ears
Lose that “blessing” through the years
Though not enough to feed the soul

Culinary arts and gourmets
that’s the way it is these days
Fame and fortune
Don’t we know?
Not enough to feed the soul

An endless time it is
Anything it takes to reach the Alps
And feel that air
Reach that surmounting destination
For which we blindly care
no thoughts as to the climb
What we’ve become
What we now bear
Not enough to feed the soul

Have we gone to far?
The wrong direction?
The one in which we neglect what truly needs affection
That primal sensation
The lack of patience
Nowhere near enough to feed the soul

Are we focused on the wrong path?
What is we lack?
That empty feeling deep within
Is it so
Could that be it
That we never feed the soul?

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